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M Anton Usher Shield & Ezeckiel Wehwalt

Usher Anton Shield and Ezeckiel Wehwalt are back to Inner Cinema with another brilliant album labelled M which stands for Maiden and Mort.


Head Full Of Music Vol. 2V.A.

After the great success of the first compilation initiated by the Head Full Of Music Facebook group, now the long awaited 2nd edition is done.



Retrospectives comprise drones created by bow played and processed guitar, vocals, sound bowls, field recordings.


Heal HeathenAnthon Usher Shield

HEAL HEATHEN is titled in reference to HEATHEN EARTH, THROBBING GRISTLE’s 10th studio album. It contains 11 tracks, each one carefully chosen and worked out by ANTHON USHER SHIELD and crew.


Empty Nose SyndromOtto von Rhino

Processed radio signals and hidden voices build up psychedelic sound sculptures which change with Birds to a relaxed ambient piece to end up in a weird telephone call distorted by noise.


Electroacoustic LayersJurica Jelic

The 6 tracks of Electroacoustic layers show the influence by fantastic composers like Giacinto Scelsi, Iannis Xenakis or Tristan Murail.


For people With Ears To HearOrigami Galaktika, Diskrepant, b°tong

For People With Ears To Hear, three sound magicians created a special class split album.


Le Chrysaor ParaphileUsher – Wehwalt – Zreen Toyz

With Le Chrysaor Paraphile Inner Cinema proudly present the impressive album of the French sound artists, Wehwalt, Usher and Zreen Toyz.


Hypnos / SpectraBalkar Wachholz

Wachholz builds up a sound collage of amazing beauty.


WavesMaCu vs. Federico Barabino

Studies of sounds in it’s perfection are to hear in the first collaboration album of the Austrian soundartist MaCu and the Argentine musician Federico Barabino.

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