MaCu is the musically project of the Austrian based artist Susanne Hafenscher. Trained as classical pianist and guitarist, her interests changed to more abstract and electronic music, after the discovering the fascinating works of the composers of microtonal, serial and minimal music.  Processed guitar lines, vocals and field-recordings are the basics for her mostly improvised works, which are a mixture of organic and electronic sounds appearing as drones, ambient or post concrete sounds.

Retrospectives comprise drones created by bow played and processed guitar, vocals, sound bowls, field recordings. Interpolated passages of spoken words, drums and hidden melody lines build up an atmospheric look back in seven parts. This absorbing sonic journey is carrying off the listener to a night trip to nowhere, discovering unknown places.

Limited edition of 100 copies as pro printed cd-r in high quality digipack! For orders or wholesale inquiry please contact us per mail – Thanx!

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