Head Full Of Music Vol. 2V.A.

After the great success of the first compilation initiated by the Head Full Of Music Facebook group, now the long awaited 2nd edition is done. Offering a wonderful variety of

styles from smooth jazz sounds to dreamy ambient, dark drone and experimental sounds. as bonus, you get with your download a video done by MUTATE for the track Ingenmansland.

contributing artist are

Noise In Your Eye (Daniel Pennie, AD Chivers, Keith Tippett) www.noiseinyoureye.com

Err0r_500 peter1island.com

Skiks (Bruce Hamilton) brucehamilton.info

Radio For Daydreamers radioforthedaydreamers.bandcamp.com

Jared Balogh www.alteredstateofmine.net

Awser Derf - plasmodi.net

Wehwalt – www.otorragie.blogspot.com

Mutate - www.mutate.org.uk

Hyaena Fierling Reich - akousmata.webs.com/desposyni.htm

Zreen Toyz - arcanewaves.blogspot.com

Aus Dem Inneren Des Uterus - exuterus.bandcamp.com

Marco Lucchi - www.musichevirtuali.org

MaCu - macu1.wordpress.com