M Anton Usher Shield & Ezeckiel Wehwalt

Usher Anton Shield and Ezeckiel Wehwalt are back to Inner Cinema with another brilliant album labelled M which stands for Maiden and Mort. the ambiguity of M let us not only think about Franz Schuberts string quartet Maiden and the Death, which was the inspiration for this album, also the gloomy atmosphere of one of german’s first talking films comes in mind. The two sound artists were dreaming and losing theirselves in magic circles and esoteric thoughts and numbers. The first notes of the opener “dissolution des manes” express with strings embedded in an ambient sound bed, orchestral excerpts, percussive elements and far away whisper poignantly the maiden’s tender fragility and rising panic. The combination of orchestral instruments and the abstraction of electronic medium builds up a fantastic labyrinth of sound and illusion, which describes “femme en levitation” perfectly. Starting up with hauntingly string samples changing to gloomy ambient sounds threatening voices mourning and breathing broken by driving beats repetitive melody lines which end up in a finale grande.

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