WavesMaCu vs. Federico Barabino

Studies of sounds in it’s perfection are to hear in the first collaboration album of the Austrian soundartist MaCu and the Argentine musician Federico Barabino. A white and empty room, silence and endlessness in any direction, only the concentration on one’s own behalf exists. Out of this stillness Waves pervade the space, and any attention is called to this tone which swells out of this white emptiness. Interference patterns build up slowly, high arrays of sounds emerge and disappear. Volume and density are steady growing. Chirping rustle and a tender voice is appearing from far away to signalize the beginning of the next Wave. Sinister sounds, reminding of these of a cello, disturbed by high frequent tones. Far away murmur and atmospheric drones fade out, the only left over – one high frequent chime in this soft and white space. The stillness moves to white noise while pulsating bass fragments fill the room. Gloomy drones, distorted field recordings invite to a threatening aural journey. MaCu drones and ambiences in combination with Barabino’s high frequent no-input-mixer noise created an extremely fragile and sensitive sonic spectrum, which ranges far away from easy listening, plays with all possibilities of minimal noise and ambient. The transparent sound and the spacial range make Waves to a work which goes to the limits of the listenable. It impresses because of its suspense-packed game between inaudibility, density, formlessness and its infatuation in details.

Details: ic-net 0001 | ic-tape 0001

Formats: Download @ Bandcamp | Tape (limited edition of 50 pieces)